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Picnic = Rain

Friday! Watched Star Wars 7 again and it is still fabulous. Funny how the diecovery of the idea of women as background characters still seems exciting.

Saturday I dropped in at Abi’s birthday picnic, which due to a sudden hailstorm at 11 o’clock was held in her flat, on the way to my afternoon shift at the Oxfam Bookshop.

Sunday is still hoop class, so starts with an athletic bacon and egg sandwich instead of my more pedestrian porridge because sports science. I am getting better at doing things with my abs. Afterwards I had some recovery (i.e., cartoon watching) time before cleanskies’ late late birthday picnic. Much fun with squealing children counting dinosaurs in the garden in the afternoon and evening glamour with tapas by timscience, the monster drinks trolley, and motodraconis’s unusually restrained mirrorball stilletos and ropes and ropes of pearls. I left with a gaggle of glamorous partygoers so glamorous I absent-mindendly left my camera behind—and my bike!

Luckily for me Monday was a bank holiday so I had plenty of time to slink back to Jeremy’s house to retrieve my possessions (when they were briefly home between Pokéstrolls) and have a drink on the patio in the shade in the sunshine which is the best way to drink apple juice.

Holiday fun

Some time ago I ordered a Cliff TV Bench by TemaHOME from flash-sale site MONOQI. It arrived this week and Thursday olwy assembled it and he inserted it under the TV while I was at the Oxfam Bookshop that evening. My sitting room now looks super contemporary and cool.

Yesterday went in to town to pick top my bike after its five-week’s free service and buy the fancy chain oil recommended by them which I hope will make the chain less of a gunk magnet than my poor old bike. Had after-work tea and cake with cleanskies. She has reached level 20 on Pokémon GO now. We sat in the corner of the Art Café in Bonn Square, neatly sandwiched between two PokéStops, and discussed recent trends in the interpretation of the Q in LGBTQ.

Last night olwy and I watched Jupiter Ascending, which has a cameo from Terry Gilliam. Great fun!
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Bike On!

This weekend I holidayed in sunny Preston with olwy, taimatsu, and a friend of theirs I had not met before, xanna, in a kind of real-life-based larp in which 400 people pretended the world was finally getting over its obsession with policing gender and who has relationships with whom and as a result life revolves around endless workshops to thrash out the details.
My main contribution to smashing the patriarchy and deconstructing the semiotics of gender consists of owning a cheap-ass Brighton kilt, so I got to wave that about a lot over the weekend.

The Epstein at the The Epstein Flash Gig Afterwards we returned to reality with a bump: clubbing in to the small hours at Oxford's goth club night Intrusion (another outing for the black kilt), then next morning cramming for the Life in the UK Test (I passed), having a picnic with addedentry and his daughter Imogen (who does not have a live journal), helping glittertigger move furniture and hang curtains, and wandering in to town for flash gig by The Epstein in the Handle Bar. Gig was great which was good because I was getting quite tired by that point.

Plan for the rest of my holiday mostly involves moving furniture around (my own, this time).
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Sadly our colleague Cristin has left us for pastures new but her Death Day celebration was epic. At Pole Cats Dance above the Port Mahon those of us brave enough were taught some moves on the hoop. I did better than last time! Cristin did a demo of some of the skills she has learned on the pole over the last three years, which is pretty impressive. After that we trooped off to Atomic Burger for a slap-up meal.
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My philosophy of life is that you need to get more flexible about defining debauchery as you get older. We were having gin on the patio after work yesterday evening when Antonia turned up with her electric hedge trimmer and a bottle of prosecco. We got the stepladder out of my decaying shed so she could take out her frustrations on the leylandii while the men present held on to her ladder for health & safety reasons.

As the night drew in we retired to the upstairs room & discovered that there is a three-hour sea-turtle film on YouTube that is an excellent summertime equivalent for the three-hour fireplace film we use when hanging about upstairs in the winter.

This morning the usual post-party clean-up of half-eaten bowls of nibbles, and empty glasses exacerbated by a heap of trimmings the size of a sofa. And my garden-waste bin is already full …!
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Weekend of Summer Fun

Friday was summer party at work, this year’s theme being sports day. Perfect for a bunch of sedentary computer programmers and consultants! It also saw the return of the aerial hoop from Pole Cats Dance. I am still (some days later) feeling the effects of my inelegant attempts at the Delilah Mount and other moves.

By way of recovery my housemate olwy showed me the movie Gravity, which I had not seen before. Great disaster movie with a lot of hanging on by the fingernails, though I expect the orbital mechanics irk Kerbal Space Programme enthusiasts.

Saturday morning olwy and I biked in to town so he could visit the fancy fancy pen shop on the High. It was pretty fancy. After that lunch at the Handlebar (née Zappi’s) before stumbling off to Oxfam Bookshop for my afternoon shift. Then continuing my education in recent sf blockbusting films we watched Interstellar and tried not to complain about their lackadaisical approach to agriculture in the setup.

Sunday glittertigger and zandev and I visited Art in Action in Waterperry Gardens. An amazing festival on a grander scale than I’d expected based on my zero research beforehand. We mostly visited the silversmithing and glassblowing tents. Great fun watching glittertigger chatting about custom tools, new uses for cuttlefish, and the pros and cons of different sorts of solder with this bunch of glamorous women. Also impressed by Joanna Williams demonstrating blacksmithing just outside in her own fireproof tent substitute.

My tip for the week: don’t be afraid to wear a hat when it is sunny.
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Passport control

I'm finally trying to apply for the Life in the UK test, the next step in the torturous process of applying for a British passport.

The main haha only serious reason for this is so my lover doesn't have to fret about my being deported when Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are running the country.

The other is to allow me to travel in Europe without fear of being denied reentry. Obviously that benefit might be about to be lost as a result of the referendum but there will still be a year or two in which to conduct a farewell tour of the Continent while Article 50 grinds away.

Given the reduction in value of a British passport post-Brexit, do you think I will be able to get a discount?
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Having a cheesy weekend so far

Friday evening I managed to do ‘post-work Gin on the Patio’ (which has become ‘Tea in the Sitting Room’ due to nights drawing in) with pizza and a game or two of King of Tokyo, a card-drafting, dice-crafting game courtesy of cleanskies.

Saturday morning I cycled off to the Post Office depôt to pick up my copy of the ombibus edition of The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal and then had to turn around when 80% of the way there because I had forgotten the ‘While You Were Out’ card. Afternoon doing a shift at the Oxfam Bookshop on St Giles’, trying to work out how to price classic Perl books apparently donated in one lump by someone who had just gotten really excited by the launch of Perl 6. Had successful experiments with using FaceTime audio to contact glittertigger on holiday in the sticks where there is no phone signal but WiFi exists.

Then to the palace of cleanskies and timscience for divers fondue and a few rounds of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a highly voting and lynching game that tinyjo and oxfordhacker experiment with on children so it’s just as well the cards are super-robust.

Occurred to me this morning that this is a lot of cheese already this weekend. Considering looking for non-cheese-related foods to eat for lunch today. 😄
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Went to goth-themed monthly dance thing Intrusion with glittertigger and j4 and some friends whose LJ handles I don’t know off the top of my head for the first time last night and it was great fun. Intrusion being a goth-themed dance thing I needed to disguise myself as a goth which meant wearing just about all the black clothing I own including my newest fashion acquisition, a black ‘Brighton style’ kilt, and a CAPTION 2000 shirt (D’Israeli’s cute skelleton logo). Had a great time and felt I could have danced longer but probably not given I have work this morning. :-)
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Job Seeking

I’ve been made redundant at Photocrowd and so I am looking for a new job. I am posting this here in case my lovely oxford chums can offer ideas for finding the perfect new position.

My main preferences are

(a) working Oxford or some reasonable bicycle-ride-distance from Oxford (or working mostly from home),

(b) working on web sites using Django + JavaScript + jQuery, and

(c) full-time, salaried

While I prefer Django, I have experience with other web platforms like Drupal and Ruby on Rails and have a lot of experience in programming in languages like C# and C++ and Java, and have in the past done  work with XML and Semantic Web conventions like RDF and so on.

Tips and suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks!