by Julia, blurred

Late-night philosophy

My housemate Jamie’s partner Sanri was sent to hospital with a sudden, drastic stroke last week, and died of it a week later. Last night Jamie came home for the first time after being in the hospital with her for the last ten days. He says her passing was peaceful, and she was surrounded by friends and family. Her funeral will be at the start of March.
So sad to hear that :( I didn't know her very well, but she seemed a very nice person. Hope Jamie is okay, at least as much as can be under the circumstances.
I am sorry to hear this. I only met Sanri the once but she was lovely. My condolences to Jamie and to all friends and family.
That's horrifying. My heart goes out to you, to Jamie and his family, and to Sanri's family. How devastating.

One of my neighbours died of a catastrophic stroke very recently. So shocking.
Thanks for posting about this, Damien. I didn't know Sanri very well but liked her a lot.
Thank you for the update, Damian. Very sorry to hear this dreadful news.

My condolences to you and of course particularly to Jamie. </p>

Love to you both. x

I was so sorry to hear of Sanri's death. Please offer my sympathy and love to Jamie and her family. I met Sanri in Oxford in 1995 at the tail end of the Newbury bypass campaign. A friend had just moved into an eco-activist house where she lived. She was always so full of life, energy and her warm smile lit up the room. I moved away from Oxford to live in Manchester in 2001 and didn't see Sanri again after this time. I was so shocked and stunned to learn of her death last week and I still cannot believe she has gone. I will always remember our walks on the Vale of the White Horse and still have photos of her surrounded by Summer sunshine. Rest in peace Sanri, beautiful spirit. With love, Joanna Huddart.
I am really upset by the news of Sanri's death. I knew her a long time ago, back in 1995/6..we shared a meaningful relationship at this time...i can't believe it..i visited the eco house in oxford late 95 or early 96, we attended some of the this land is ours events in and arounf oxford, we visited many places, met many people.She was a very spiritual person, very unique, even though our paths went different ways I have always wondered how her life fared. I don't know you Jamie, but sorry to hear of your loss, you don't need me to tell you how special she was..tristan.