by Julia, blurred

Job Seeking

I’ve been made redundant at Photocrowd and so I am looking for a new job. I am posting this here in case my lovely oxford chums can offer ideas for finding the perfect new position.

My main preferences are

(a) working Oxford or some reasonable bicycle-ride-distance from Oxford (or working mostly from home),

(b) working on web sites using Django + JavaScript + jQuery, and

(c) full-time, salaried

While I prefer Django, I have experience with other web platforms like Drupal and Ruby on Rails and have a lot of experience in programming in languages like C# and C++ and Java, and have in the past done  work with XML and Semantic Web conventions like RDF and so on.

Tips and suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks!
Obviously I'm not in Oxford, but if you find yourself on a temporary contract in London I've a wee room I keep aside for contracting chums. Usually they'll rent it (nominally) during the week and return to their own homes at the weekend. If you find yourself stuck - it's there.
Focusrite are looking for a php webdev. Not in Oxford( but accessible via public transport) and not a start-up but apparently one of the UK 's top 100 companies to work for and they usually pay well. I've visited them a couple of times for music tech reasons and it's a pretty relaxed place. Google focusrite jobs if you're interested I guess.