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Having a cheesy weekend so far

Friday evening I managed to do ‘post-work Gin on the Patio’ (which has become ‘Tea in the Sitting Room’ due to nights drawing in) with pizza and a game or two of King of Tokyo, a card-drafting, dice-crafting game courtesy of cleanskies.

Saturday morning I cycled off to the Post Office depôt to pick up my copy of the ombibus edition of The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal and then had to turn around when 80% of the way there because I had forgotten the ‘While You Were Out’ card. Afternoon doing a shift at the Oxfam Bookshop on St Giles’, trying to work out how to price classic Perl books apparently donated in one lump by someone who had just gotten really excited by the launch of Perl 6. Had successful experiments with using FaceTime audio to contact glittertigger on holiday in the sticks where there is no phone signal but WiFi exists.

Then to the palace of cleanskies and timscience for divers fondue and a few rounds of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a highly voting and lynching game that tinyjo and oxfordhacker experiment with on children so it’s just as well the cards are super-robust.

Occurred to me this morning that this is a lot of cheese already this weekend. Considering looking for non-cheese-related foods to eat for lunch today. 😄
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By law, all Perl 5 books must be turned over to the Scripting Language Decommissioning Authority to be put verifiably beyond use.