by Julia, blurred

Weekend of Summer Fun

Friday was summer party at work, this year’s theme being sports day. Perfect for a bunch of sedentary computer programmers and consultants! It also saw the return of the aerial hoop from Pole Cats Dance. I am still (some days later) feeling the effects of my inelegant attempts at the Delilah Mount and other moves.

By way of recovery my housemate olwy showed me the movie Gravity, which I had not seen before. Great disaster movie with a lot of hanging on by the fingernails, though I expect the orbital mechanics irk Kerbal Space Programme enthusiasts.

Saturday morning olwy and I biked in to town so he could visit the fancy fancy pen shop on the High. It was pretty fancy. After that lunch at the Handlebar (née Zappi’s) before stumbling off to Oxfam Bookshop for my afternoon shift. Then continuing my education in recent sf blockbusting films we watched Interstellar and tried not to complain about their lackadaisical approach to agriculture in the setup.

Sunday glittertigger and zandev and I visited Art in Action in Waterperry Gardens. An amazing festival on a grander scale than I’d expected based on my zero research beforehand. We mostly visited the silversmithing and glassblowing tents. Great fun watching glittertigger chatting about custom tools, new uses for cuttlefish, and the pros and cons of different sorts of solder with this bunch of glamorous women. Also impressed by Joanna Williams demonstrating blacksmithing just outside in her own fireproof tent substitute.

My tip for the week: don’t be afraid to wear a hat when it is sunny.
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Ahhh! I've never managed to make it to Art in Action, one day I really need to go, perhaps next year.

Dangit - I'm missing you guys and Oxford, maybe I'll try and drag my carcass up for a visit in August.