by Julia, blurred


My philosophy of life is that you need to get more flexible about defining debauchery as you get older. We were having gin on the patio after work yesterday evening when Antonia turned up with her electric hedge trimmer and a bottle of prosecco. We got the stepladder out of my decaying shed so she could take out her frustrations on the leylandii while the men present held on to her ladder for health & safety reasons.

As the night drew in we retired to the upstairs room & discovered that there is a three-hour sea-turtle film on YouTube that is an excellent summertime equivalent for the three-hour fireplace film we use when hanging about upstairs in the winter.

This morning the usual post-party clean-up of half-eaten bowls of nibbles, and empty glasses exacerbated by a heap of trimmings the size of a sofa. And my garden-waste bin is already full …!
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Sounds like a fab debranched party!There's been a fair bit of debranchery at my place too, alas, without gin, chums or prosecco.
I guess sometimes you have to resort to getting a professional. :-)

Speaking of having chums visiting, have I mentioned I have driveway again now, which might be useful next time you want to visit Oxford?

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