August 30th, 2016

green, cartoon

Picnic = Rain

Friday! Watched Star Wars 7 again and it is still fabulous. Funny how the diecovery of the idea of women as background characters still seems exciting.

Saturday I dropped in at Abi’s birthday picnic, which due to a sudden hailstorm at 11 o’clock was held in her flat, on the way to my afternoon shift at the Oxfam Bookshop.

Sunday is still hoop class, so starts with an athletic bacon and egg sandwich instead of my more pedestrian porridge because sports science. I am getting better at doing things with my abs. Afterwards I had some recovery (i.e., cartoon watching) time before cleanskies’ late late birthday picnic. Much fun with squealing children counting dinosaurs in the garden in the afternoon and evening glamour with tapas by timscience, the monster drinks trolley, and motodraconis’s unusually restrained mirrorball stilletos and ropes and ropes of pearls. I left with a gaggle of glamorous partygoers so glamorous I absent-mindendly left my camera behind—and my bike!

Luckily for me Monday was a bank holiday so I had plenty of time to slink back to Jeremy’s house to retrieve my possessions (when they were briefly home between Pokéstrolls) and have a drink on the patio in the shade in the sunshine which is the best way to drink apple juice.