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Jeremy in hospital

cleanskies has fallen on the icy pavement and broken her wrist, thus finding herself in hospital with vague plans to have surgery tomorrow and maybe stick around for a few days chilling.

This is a public post so I won’t name the hospital—if you want to visit but can’t see the friends-locked version of this post, then please leave a comment.

• Edited to add: It all happened as she was stepping around someone on an icy pavement: her foot shot out from under her and she fell backwards on to her left arm on the kerb, breaking both arm bones hear the wrist and dislocating it. Apparently out of the flurry of people slipping on the ice this morning, Jeremy’s injuries were the most spectacular. The joint has been relocated (if that’s the right term) and she now has a half-cast and plaster bundle and a hefty-looking sling hanging from a hook over her bed. She can walk about the place if she wants by hanging the sling around her neck in the usual way. timscience and I have visited and she is as comfortable as can be expected under the circs.

• Edited again to add: She has her mobile and nowadays you are allowed to use them in hospital, so you can phone or text her.
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